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Online payment does not have to be complex – Sign up and access your funds on computers and on mobile.


Pay anytime, anywhere – All you need is an email address.


Your security is our priority – We keep your personal information safe and secure.

Pay with confidence

YuuWallet makes online payments easy - even when debit and credit cards may not work.

Online payments with YuuWallet

Buy online goods and services

The only wallet you need for fuss-free payments online.

Deposit to YuuWallet

We offer a variety of options to deposit funds to your YuuWallet – whether its bank transfer or credit card, we got you covered.

Withdraw funds

Withdrawing money at your convenience. Access it whenever, wherever.

Send money to friends

Sending funds to friends and family can’t be any easier.

Send money – fast and secure

Send and receive money instantly and securely, anywhere in the world.

Send money

Instant Money Transfers

Send and receive money instantly around the world to anyone you wish - even if they don't have a YuuWallet Account.

Send money

All you need are funds in your account and a recipient's email. It takes only a few seconds and your money is sent real-time! The recipient doesn't have a YuuWallet Account? No problem! We'll email them and let them know their money is waiting for them.

Receive money

If you already have a YuuWallet Account, funds sent to you is deposited and credited instantly. Don't have an account yet? No problem! Just sign up for your free and your funds will be deposited and ready for use.

Your money is safe with us

YuuWallet is one of the most trusted online payment systems in the world. With the latest anti-fraud tools and security features, we got you covered 24/7.

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